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Teething Pains?

March 29, 2016 luv child inc.


Does your baby have its first set of teeth yet?  While each baby is beautifully unique, ours got her bottom two teeth at 7.5-8 months first (literally came one after the other) maybe a day or night apart.  It was a bad night for mom to say the least, as mom is the one that gets up most nights for any little sound that peeps out of that little mouth.  The two bottom teeth were soon followed by the top teeth within a month or so. 

Signs That Your Baby is Teething

  • Drool and more drool 
  • Baby puts fingers in mouth (it looks like baby is chewing their fingers..)
  • They grab anything and put it in their mouth to chew on (e.g. your finger, hand, your chin, toys, etc.)
  • Crying that tells you that they are in pain (you'll know!)
  • Red rash develops on their cheeks and/or bum
  • Slight fever

The painful cries of your little one will make you feel helpless as you know that this is part of life! 

Here are some suggestions on how to get through those crazy nights so that all of you can get some much needed rest:

(1) One

Chamomile - try giving baby some lukewarm chamomile tea prior to going to bed.  It’s caffeine free and will help calm and relieve the nerve tension and pain.  You might as well have some yourself - while you’re at it.

(2) Two

Coconut Oil - try rubbing a small amount of virgin coconut oil on baby’s gums.  Focus on the areas that will soon pop a tooth.

(3) Three

luvchild's Body & Bum Spray - spray some onto your fingers and gently massage on baby’s cheeks, chin and around the mouth.  The tamanu oil and lavender essential oils will help calm baby, reduce nerve pain and soothe skin from teething rashes.

(4) Four

Teething cookies or rice rusks - these look like a mini surf board and melt in the mouth so there is no big choking risk (but still keep an eye on your little one of course!).  The teething cookies will help soothe the pain and help the teeth pop sooner than later.  

(5) Five

Stay positive.  Remember this is only temporary.  Soon your little one will be beaming a beautiful smile with its full set of teeth.  You’ll forget your painful nights! 


What has worked for your little one? Let us know!


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