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March Break! 5 Tips on Traveling with Baby

March 07, 2016 luv child inc.


Spring is around the corner, and March break is almost here!  If you’re planning to head south and enjoy the sun you’ll want to make your trip as ‘hassle-free’ as possible.  You don’t want to ruin your trip by forgetting something or stressing out so much that you won’t enjoy the precious moments. Travelling with a baby can be a ‘breeze’. 

Here are 5 ('ish') baby-travel basics that you’ll need:

ONE (1)

Prepare a travel checklist - separate it into categories such as: (i) documentation (passports, tickets, money in local currency or US Dollar); (ii) clothing (swimwear, clothing — day 1, 2, etc. — you can mix and match pieces so you don’t have to take a new outfit for each day); (iii) grooming kit (i.e. toothbrush, hair brush, etc.); (iv) baby — see point 4 for a detailed checklist.  The checklist will help you make leaving easier and less likely that you’ll forget something!

TWO (2)

Take a folding umbrella stroller: it should be easy to open, light and easy to carry.  You’ll need this at the airport, as it will help you zip past the long corridors and give you peace of mind during lineups.  You can use it at the beach, when you go out in the evening and if baby/toddler falls asleep then you won’t be stuck carrying him or her around like a big sack of potatoes.  


Baby Carrier - if you plan on doing excursions, or long walks…you may want to invest in a good carrier so that ‘daddy’ or you (if you’ve got the energy) can straddle baby in your carrier and enjoy your tours ‘hands-free’, well almost ‘hands-free’ if you’ve got more munchkins in the family.

FOUR (4)

Diaper Bag/Baby Suitcase: Call /e-mail the hotel ahead of time to see if they provide disposable diapers (if you don’t use reusable ones).  If they do, ask them how much it costs, if they  have the size for your infant/toddler and whether they carry wipes.  Also what brand do they use?  If they have this option — then do a ‘happy mommy dance’ as this will save you from packing a week’s worth of diapers.  You should still carry a small back-up supply of both disposable and water-proof diapers (just in case).  

If they don’t, then be sure to include the following in your baby/infant suitcase: 

  1. diapers and wipes — enough for the time that you’ll be staying; 
  2. water proof diapers (for the pool/beach); 
  3. baby food, snacks, formula (if this is what baby is taking); 
  4. baby/infant toys, soothers (if your little one uses it); 
  5. inflatable baby float (with canopy if available).  This is great to get your little one exposed to the water, without worrying that they’ll drown while you get to enjoy the pool (hmm..pool bar).  The canopy helps protect baby’s delicate skin from the sun. 
  6. most resorts have a shaded sit down area, but double check with your hotel first.  If they don’t, then you may want to pack a small portable outdoor beach tent so that your little one can play in without getting sun burnt, or better yet, take a nap.
  7. cotton clothes, onesies and a few hats!  One or 2 cute outfits if you’re planning on dressing up for evening dinner or restaurants that have a dress code.
  8. baby towel / blanket.  Call ahead of time to your hotel/resort and ask whether they provide baby cribs.  If so, arrange for them to have a crib in your room prior to arrival so that baby and the rest of the family can enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  9. baby-safe and natural sunscreen.
  10. clean bottles/sippy cup. 
  11. natural baby wash — for bath time.  
  12. always take our baby body & bum sprayYou’ll use it on your infant’s skin after exposure to the sun, right after bath time or before they go to sleep.  You’ll also need our body & bum spray for ‘hands-free’ diaper changes.  Spray onto baby’s clean bum bum, put on their diapers, and voila — they’ll be ready to go.  Pack 2 - one for your diaper bag/beach bag and another in your suitcase (for you and the rest of the family).  If your little one gets bitten by pesky sand flies, mosquitoes or any other bug, be sure to use our body & bum spray to pat onto affected areas to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and speed up the healing process.  Baby stops can all enjoy the trip!
  13. water proof camera; regular camera or baby-proof tablet with charger so that you can enjoy the lasting memories!

FIVE (5)

Stay positive and breathe.  You got this.  Enjoy your trip!

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