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Tamanu Oil - our 'must-have' secret

February 17, 2016 luv child inc.


If you’ve never heard of Tamanu Oil (or its scientific name: Calophyllum Inophyllum), let us introduce you to this amazing skin healing agent.  Tamanu Oil is known as ‘Tamanu’, ‘Ti’, ‘Kamanu’ or ‘Kamani’ (in Hawaii), ‘Fetau’ (in Samoa), ‘Dolno’ (in Fiji, meaning ‘no pain’) or ‘Dilo’. 

Indigenous to Polynesia and SouthEast Asia, Tamanu Oil comes from the seeds of the fruit of the coastal Tamanu Trees.  Calophyllum means ‘beautiful leaf’ for the tree’s large shiny leaves.  The Tamanu trees bloom twice a year with beautiful white flowers that later yield clusters of the Tamanu fruit.  The fruit which is round and a ‘nut’ is inedible.  To make the oil, the fruit is dried, which turns the ‘nut’ to a sticky dark substance of which the oil is extracted from.  In indigenous communities, farming of Tamanu Oil is done once the fruit has dropped from the trees to the ground, thereby having minimal impact on the environment.  

Tamanu Oil is a rich deep green to brownish colour and somewhat thick with a woody-spicy scent. 

In case you’re wondering, this is the scent infused with lavender essential oil that you’ll smell when you try our body & bum spray.  100% natural and the scent is minimal.

Luvchild’s body & bum spray uses some of the highest quality of Tamanu Oil and originates from the island of Madagascar.  A country we would luv to visit one day for its unique wild life, beautiful geography, its diverse culture and people, and hot climate (as I’m staring at 5 feet of snow through my window).

So what are the benefits of this unique oil?

Here are the top 5 benefits*:

  1. Wound-Healing properties - it’s used as a cure-all for almost all skin ailments from acne to eczema to diaper rash to psoriasis.  The phospholipids and glycolipids in the oil are natural healthy skin constituents and help heal the skin faster.
  2. Anti-oxidant & Anti-ageing - not just for babies, but for older ones too.  Tamanu oil helps rejuvenate the skin and diminish wrinkles.
  3. Burns/Scars - it helps soothe the skin and heal to the natural skin composition.  Great for stretch marks, scars, and burns to the skin.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory - Tamanu Oil reduces inflammation of the skin and is a must-have when dealing with insect bites.  My son got stung by a wasp and all I had was his body & bum spray.  So I patted his large irritated swollen bump from the wasp sting and within 20 minutes the swollen area was gone and he didn’t complain that it hurt.  I now carry his body & bum spray with me everywhere and make sure that he eats his apples in the fall in an area free of wasps!
  5. Antineuralgic - relieves nerve pain.  Helps soothe baby’s painful teething.  Use luvchild’s body & bum spray on baby’s cheeks and bottom jaw to alleviate teething pain.  Pat on and gently massage your baby.   For older ones Tamanu Oil alleviates sciatica pain, rheumatism, etc.
You will luv this oil.  We use it in our unique all-in-1 body & bum spray.  Amazing for babies to soothe rashes, eczema, even teething.  Also great to use on adults.


* source: The American Botanical Council, http://cms.herbalgram.org. C.Kilham, ‘Tamanu Oil: A Tropical Remedy’, 2004.

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