Ugh! Another Poopy Diaper!?! ... our beginnings – luv child inc.

Ugh! Another Poopy Diaper!?! ... our beginnings

January 27, 2016 luv child inc.


So, you’ve changed your cute little bundle of joy for the 3rd time (puke, diaper leakage, you fill in the blank…), and as you’re holding your baby assured that you’re in the clear for the next few hours you feel a warm tingly sensation on your lap or shirt.  ‘Hmm..that’s odd’ you think, and then as you’re about to smell your hands, it hits you…'UGH!..Not again!! Another Poopy Diaper!’

Yes, reality hits in.  Welcome to parenthood.  You’ve suddenly traded your corporate job or any memories of your previous life, to being an expert in diaper changes, and in making up songs to distract and soothe your bundle of ‘joy’.

So, as you try to figure out what clean outfits are left for your baby to wear and try to procrastinate the inevitable, you place your baby down, wash your hands and off you go…

Or if your hubby is home, you like to leave this task to him, or should I say assign it to him. After all, YOU were pregnant, YOU gave birth, and YOU are the main caregiver…so YOU need a break!  At least that’s my favourite excuse.

While it’s great that your baby’s digestive and bowel movements are working, sometimes we wish there was an easier way or process that didn’t involve us doing the dirty work.  

We can't make it go away, but we can make your lives easier with our all-in-1 baby Body & Bum Spray.  

You see, before giving birth to my first baby, I didn’t even know HOW to change a diaper.  The entire notion of having a baby was overwhelming, and I wasn’t exposed to a lot of infants in my family — shall I say none.  I was really starting from zero.  Mother was there, but not really since she ‘didn’t remember…it was so long ago’.  Good thing for Google (‘how to…’ searches) and for mommy baby groups such as Life With A Baby that make you feel that you’re not alone and not the only one undergoing this life changing event completely unprepared. 

With all this in mind, I quickly realized that in changing diapers, I didn’t mind wiping the ‘stuff’ down there, but I did mind applying the ‘gooky’ diaper creams down there.  I didn’t want to touch my baby’s delicate parts.  It felt weird!

So this is when the ‘AHA’ moment came and I thought what about a spray?  Not just any spray, but an all natural spray that I could use, which would also save me time.  I must admit that at first, I did buy those diaper creams.  Tried several brands, but having sensitive skin myself, they left my fingers irritated.  Especially after changing diapers all day and night long!  I thought, well if my skin is left irritated, what about my newborn’s skin that is much more delicate that my adult fingers?  So, after lots of testing, we came up with what you see now.  Mommy tried and tested, you and your baby will truly lüv it.  

While we can’t prevent another poopy diaper from happening, we can make it EASIER, by just ‘shaking & spraying’ our all-in-1 baby Body & Bum Spray onto your baby’s clean bum bum. That’s right…'CLEAN’.  You still have to do the dirty work of cleaning their bum bum and once it’s clean and ‘air-dried’ a bit (if you have time) then you spray onto their bum and enjoy the momentary freedom of not having to do this again for the next couple of hours (or so you hope...).

Your baby will thank you with goo’s and a beautiful smile.   As you look into their eyes full of love,  you suddenly fall in love with them all over again and would gladly do the poopy diaper saga all over…




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