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To Shave or Not to Shave? That is the Question…

January 19, 2016 luv child inc.

Should you shave your newborn’s hair off? 

It depends on your culture and traditions.  In many Asian and Latin American countries, shaving a newborn’s hair off is done as tradition.  Why? Because ‘it makes the baby’s head clean’, ‘it boosts stronger hair growth’…and the list goes on.  

While opinions and customs vary, we decided to shave off the hair of both our babies.  The main benefits?

Hair grew at a consistent pace and we got rid of the ‘bald’ patches that appear after a newborn’s hair falls off due to hormones and hair growth cycles.  The other main benefit was that we were able to get rid of a lot of the dry scalp or cradle cap that was stuck to the hair follicles. 

After our baby's hair was shaven off by a professional hairstylist that has experience in doing this (we recommend using the stylists at Alicia’s Beauty Salon; they are amazing and great with babies and children), we washed their little heads with natural shampoo and massaged their little bald heads with our baby Body & Bum Spray.  The coconut oil is anti-fungal and helps cleanse the scalp, while the jojoba and tamanu oils help restore and soothe the skin to eliminate cradle cap.  We do this periodically, massage their little heads, as it not only helps boost hair follicle growth but also gives your baby a sense of love and security.  A baby can never get too many hugs and kisses.

We find that shaving helps keep things ‘clean’ and provides consistent hair growth throughout (bye-bye bald spots!).  But whether you shave your newborn’s hair or not, is really up to you!

If you're considering shaving their little heads, when should you do this? Consult your paediatrician.  For our first, we waited until he was 3-months and for our second we procrastinated and waited until she was 6-months.  In some countries, they do this the same week the baby is born!


What about you?  Did you shave your newborn’s hair off, yes or no? Leave us your comments below. 

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