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10 Hospital Bag Essentials

December 30, 2015 luv child inc.



So you're almost due.  Whether this is your first or subsequent child, you are probably feeling a bit anxious, excited, and all the emotions you can have at once.  You'll be relieved to be back to yourself once more and be able to see your toes and hopefully fit into your old clothes soon!  

To help you prepare for the BIG DAY use our checklist to prepare your hospital bag so that you can pick it up and go once those contractions start intensifying!


  1. Bag: whether it's a small suitcase with wheels or a gym bag, ensure that it will be not too big so that it fits in the hospital locker and that you can carry it.
  2. Birth Plan: this should be preferably one page in length.  List your wishes/preferences, emergency contacts and anything else you would like your doctor to know if you're unconscious.  You can view it as a mini 'will' of your wishes when giving birth.  Your obstetrician should have a template or ask for one at your next visit.
  3. Large or oversized underwear and extra absorbent pads:  you could also get adult diapers if you want to make it easier.  After birth, you will bleed (also called 'lochia') for approximately 4-6 weeks.  Bleeding will be the heaviest during the first week postpartum.
  4. Toiletries, Night Gown, Nursing Bra & Going Home Outfit: Stay away from pants as these will be uncomfortable to put on, especially if you tear or have an episiotomy.  Try wearing a comfy night gown and skirts / dresses.
  5. Camera, Tablet, Smartphone:  to capture your amazing journey.  If free wi-fi is available you can surf the web and keep your family and friends updated and share baby pics.  You can also use your tablet/smartphone to listen to music and get you either pumped or relaxed for the big day!
  6. Other Miscellaneous: any other must haves such as vitamins, massagers to relieve back pain, lip balm, and any other personal items that you just can't live without!


  1. baby Body & Bum Spray: you'll need this when you change your newborn's  diapers for the very first time.  Just shake & spray onto a clean bum bum.  Also use after baby's first bath at the hospital and gently massage baby's head to help remove cradle cap and use to moisturize baby's delicate skin. Remember to cherish your newborn and soothe your newborn with your lullabies.
  2. Newborn Diapers & wipes: You'll need 10-20 newborn diapers, preferably with an umbilical cord cut so that the diaper won't interfere or cover up the umbilical cord.  Also bring baby wipes or try making your own.  
  3. Onesies, baby hat, baby mittens & other clothes for baby:  we recommend using cotton as it allows the skin to breathe and is great for sensitive skin.
  4. Baby receiving blankets: to swaddle your newborn. 


Be sure to pack your Hospital Bag within 3-4 weeks of your due date. Keep it near the door or in your car so that you can just grab it and go!  Just remember to relax and cherish your journey.

All the best!

luv child team

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