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Why we lüv Coconut Oil

December 23, 2015 luv child inc.



Is Coconut Oil overrated? Why the big hype? We asked ourselves that same question, almost three years ago, when we were researching natural remedies for sensitive dry skin.  At that time, our then 6-month old baby had started to go on solids and had developed some allergies which showed up in the form of eczema on his little arms and behind his knees.  We asked the Paediatrician what to do, but he said that it was 'normal' and should typically go away.  We tried oatmeal baths, and various lotions, which didn't quite get rid of his little white dots and flaky skin.  Until we discovered Coconut Oil.  

So why the big hype we asked?  Well....that's when our journey began.

It turns out, Coconut Oil has been used long ago by people living in tropical areas where it is known to grow, such as Malaysia.   The oil has been used as a natural moisturizer, in cooking,  and as a healing agent in the skin due to its being rich in antioxidants and anti-fungal properties.  So we tried it on our son's areas that were dry and flaky due to eczema and saw considerable improvement.  As our doctor said, 'there is no cure for eczema', which is true, but there is amazing relief!  Now, in raising our second baby we have not had any eczema or other rash issues.

Inspired by our baby boy, we decided to develop our baby Body & Bum Spray with the main ingredient comprised of coconut oil due to its amazing benefits!  

Your skin is your biggest organ, and what you put on it can go directly into your blood system.  

Your skin is your biggest organ, and what you put on can go directly into your blood system.  This could be a bigger impact than what you eat.  So, if you scrutinize WHAT you eat, shouldn't you also watch WHAT YOU PUT ON your skin?  Especially your new baby's skin.  Wouldn't you want to use natural ingredients and have your baby off to a great start in life?  


Choose wisely.  Do your research.  We did, and it led to a new journey.  Join us in our discovery of natural baby skin care.  You will lüv it!

Try our baby Body & Bum Spray today and see the results for yourself.  Use it to protect its bum bum in between diaper changes and to remove cradle cap.  Develop essential bonding time through baby massage (more on this in a future post).


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