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Welcome to Parenthood! Your 1st Month...

May 09, 2016 luv child inc.

Whether you are expecting or you have just given birth to your newborn, a huge congratulations and pat on the back! You are officially a 'Parent'.  That can be very overwhelming, and whether you give birth 'naturally' or via c-section or decide to adopt, it's all 'new'.  Your most common questions will be 'what do I do'? and 'is this normal?'

You'll probably have your mom's phone on speed dial or have your handy 'google' questions nearby to answer your many many MANY questions that you've never once thought of prior to becoming a 'Parent'.  The first month will be very overwhelming.  At least it was for us!  We now have 2 beautiful children, but we could honestly say that we felt like a deer in the headlights.  So many products, so many opinions (whether welcomed or not!) everyone has an opinion, so many 'horror' stories, just so much information!!

In writing this blog, we don't want to scare you, but want to make you feel 'normal'.  Yes, it is okay to feel scared, terrified, confused, mad, all of ones emotions running at once.  A new life is in your hands and it is your responsibility to feed it, take care of it and raise this beautiful human being into a productive, respectful and cherished member of society.  No pressure!!

Yes, the first month is crazy.  You'll probably get very little sleep, hormone levels will be up, things can get tense, and you may have postpartum depression (that's another topic we'll cover at a later time).  And if you're like me who had a not so pleasant birth experience (with both), you'll be recovering from delivery and barely be able to walk.  Did we mention the trying to nurse your child part? Yes, that was an interesting experience (but we survived and it's now one my most favourite bonding times with my baby).  You can read our other blog post on nursing tips here.

So to make everyones lives a little bit easier, the concept of a Baby Box was born.  What is it? To keep it simple, it's a box full of baby products that will help you in taking care of your newborn and it will save you time/money from going to your nearest store to buy.  There are a few Baby Box programs around the world such as in Finland (where this concept originated), to Alberta and in the U.S.  In Ontario, this initiative is being launched by the non-for-profit organization Baby Box Canada.  In Ontario, the Baby Box program is being currently tested and literally a box full of free baby products is being shipped to expecting/new parents that signed up on the Baby Box Canada website.  The catch? none.  New parents don't pay a dime, it's all free.  They can donate should they wish to contribute for the costs.  Companies such as luvchild are sponsors, so we provide a sample free of charge to new parents.  

Our all-in-1 all natural baby body & bum spray is in the Baby Box!  

Out of necessity for an easier, convenient and natural solution to diaper changes we designed our baby spray.  What is it? It's an ointment made with natural oils such as fractionated coconut oil, tamanu and jojoba oils that you spray onto a baby's clean bum (after it's wiped clean!) to protect, soothe and nourish its delicate skin.  Our baby body & bum spray is cloth diaper safe, and versatile - you can use it on baby's skin to massage and moisten, to remove cradle cap (the dry flaky skin on baby's scalp), and to simply replace baby lotions and oil.  

Yes, our all-in-1 baby body & bum spray is your all natural vegan substitute to gooky diaper creams, baby lotions and oils.  We want to make life simple, convenient and hygienic.

I can only say that I wish this program was in place when we had our little ones! It's a great initiative started by a mompreneur, like ourselves, to help other new parents in adapting to their new life and meeting their challenging but amazing assignment of raising a newborn. 

Let's hope that this initiative grows so that all new parents across Canada can have a great start on their journey of parenthood!

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